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Growing Up Together Centre for Parenting Support

The Growing Up Together Programme of Workshops for the Parents of the Youngest Children was developed under the Project on the Parenting Support in the Community (2007-2009). It was implemented by N. Pećnik and B. Starc as part of the Early Childhood Development and Positive Parenting Programme, called ''The First Three Years Are the Most Important'', run by the UNICEF Office for Croatia and in cooperation with the Education and Teacher Training Agency. As of 2010, the latter took charge of educating new leaders of the Growing Up Together Programme and extended the availability of the programme to the kindergartens throughout Croatia.

In 2010, the Quality Development Council was established with the goal to provide continuous monitoring and evaluation of the Growing Up Together Programme implementation and also to advance the professional support to the Programme leaders by way of consultations, meetings of fellow experts and annual conferences. The Council comprised authors of the Programme, kindergartens and family centres leaders, and representatives of UNICEF and the Education and Teacher Training Agency.

The Growing Up Together Centre for Parenting Support was established in 2013 as a continuation of the earlier activities of the Quality Control Council, with the aim to contribute to a more effective support to the Network of Coordinators in their pursuit of adequate responses to the needs and interests of parents in different communities all across Croatia.

The ultimate goal is to ensure wide availability, sustainability and high quality of implementation of programmes Growing Up Together and Growing Up Together Plus, and to develop more similar programmes. Establishment of the Centre created preconditions for a better communication among the participants eager to launch supplemental projects that would contribute to the realization of that goal.

Board of Directors: Nina Pećnik (president), Branka Starc (vice president), Eleonora Glavina, Mirela Medved and Ines Puhar (members). Executive director Blanka Turza

Early in 2017, the first branch office of the Centre was established in the Istrian County. It is seated In Rovinj and led by Sandra Orbanić. In 2019 a branch office in the Međimurje County was established. It is seated in Čakovec and led by Eleonora Glavina.

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