No one knows everything on their own!

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Dear moms and dads

From the children's first step until their first day in school, you encounter numerous parental questions and variety of life situations. Searching for answers is easier with the support of other parents and expert group-leaders in our workshops of all colors!

all our colours

So far, our programmes included

  • 9072 mothers

  • 1770 fathers

  • 452 childern

  • 90 towns

  • 987 group-leaders

Cuddling will not spoil your baby.

UNICEF, First Three Years Are the Most Important

Some of parents' comments

„I had no expectations, but I am satisfied. Satisfied and thankful.“

„I was pleasantly surprised with the work of the group and listening to other people's problems and solutions.“


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  • help us organize workshops with parents
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