About Growing up Together Mini Interactive Online Lectures

“Growing up Together Mini” interactive online lectures are a form of providing support for parents through dynamic and short online discussion of topics relevant to parenthood.  

The lectures were initiated and created by a team of six psychologists from different kindergartens: Minja Vukadinović, Renata Milanković Belas, Gorana Mišćenić, Sonja Pribela-Hodap, Ivana Sošić Antunović and Neda Vac Burić.  

The first online lectures were created during 2021, and the topics were selected according to the experience of authors who are also experienced group-leaders of other “Growing up Together” programs and preschool psychologist with rich experience in different forms of cooperation with parents. Also, the topics were chosen based on questions and feedback information from parents faced with new challenges due to the pandemic and the increase stress in parents, but also in children, and support for parents in areas such as children's exposure to screens, outbursts of anger, the importance of play or setting boundaries.  

By joining “Growing up Together Mini” interactive online lectures, parents can increase their knowledge about the development and needs of children, make them aware of the importance and effectiveness of their methods, share experiences with other parents and get answers to some of their parenting dilemmas.

So far, the lectures have covered twelve different topics.  

  • Children and the media
  • Just playing?! The importance of play for a child's overall development
  • Do children need boundaries?
  • Outbursts of anger in children
  • Emotional competences of children
  • How to help a child become responsible and independent
  • The language of love
  • Traps of parenting
  • When mom and dad do not agree... 
  • Listening is an important life skill
  • The benefits of reading with children ·
  • How young children learn   

„Growing up Together Mini“ online lectures are conducted in a way that:

  • A major part of the lecture consists of the presenter's PPT presentation
  • Interactivity during lectures is achieved by inviting/encouraging participants to actively participate - asking questions, answering questions orally or via chat, filling out surveys or participating in short activities,
  • Recording of lectures is not allowed, due to the confidentiality of the content that some parents may present in the group (but also due to copyright protection).  

“Growing up together Mini” interactive online lectures are the first in the "Growing up Together" family, which are available to all parents, regardless of where they live, and enable parents to participate in lectures with topics of their choice, without the obligation to participate in the entire cycle.  

With the end of epidemiological measures, “Growing up Together Mini” interactive online lectures can continue to be used in kindergartens for online cooperation with parents (e.g. online parent meetings) or can be conducted live as part of the existing Growing up Together Parents' Club. Lectures can also be used as a specific form of online support for parents who cannot participate in workshops or lectures in their kindergarten, as well as for (further) education of preschool teachers and expert associates within the kindergarten.

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